Fat Legs’s guide to Weber charcoal grills.

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For many people, there is no other way to BBQ or grill but over charcoal, and there are no better charcoal grills available today than the range of Weber kettles. I have been grilling on a kettle since the days of burnt rissoles and pork chops as a child in the backyard with family. Today I cook on a range of different Weber grills based on the occasion, my reliable kettle gets a regular workout at home for dinners and my smaller Jumbo Joe accompanies to dinner parties to impart a little tableside smoke and char when required.

For me, the main reasons for using charcoal grills and taking that extra time and effort to get the grill ready are simple. Charcoal burns hotter than propane gas, and that means charcoal grills can produce a better sear than gas grills can. Price, you can get an exceptional charcoal grill for a fraction of a truly good gas grill. Lastly, for the flavour, charcoal grills produce better flavour than gas. It’s not that gas produces off-flavor; it’s that charcoal imparts a familiar and delicious smokiness into meats and seafood.

As the range of charcoal grills is very diverse, not only on the market but also just produced by Weber, each differing in size and features, allow me to point out the best features of my favourite Weber charcoal grills to make your buying decision easier.

Weber® Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill
Fat Legs' BBQ - Weber Charcoal Grills
The Jumbo Joe is the perfect grill to tuck away in the kitchen and pull out for a quick steak dinner or to take on those short day hikes that we have all around Hong Kong. With a 47cm grill, you can fit enough food to quickly feed a few friends or even slow cook a small boneless roast. All you need are friends, food, and the Jumbo Joe portable charcoal grill to kick it off.

This is the grill for you if you have a small (tiny) balcony, head to the beach or country parks for regular BBQs or if you want to add a little smoke and char to your nightly dinners.

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 47/57cm 
Fat Legs' BBQ - Weber Charcoal Grills
This is my personal go-to grill, I use my Weber Kettle to test new Fat Legs’ BBQ dishes and cook my nightly meals.

There is a reason that so many BBQ pit masters and product reviewers constantly rate the Weber Original Kettle Premium as the best charcoal grill on the market. Weber has been constantly developing and engineering the Kettle since its introduction in 1952. Today the Weber Kettle Premium comes with enough grill area to flip a dozen burgers at a time, and with its high lid you can sear, smoke and cook joints low and slow indirectly.

For me, the Weber Kettle is diverse enough to cook an elaborate family meal, a simple spread for a party, or even a whole Thanksgiving turkey with no formal expertise and no fuss! Perfect for Hong Kong’s rooftops, balconies and gardens of the Southside and New Territories.

Weber Performer Premium 57cm Charcoal Grill
Fat Legs' BBQ - Weber Charcoal Grills
If you have owned or used a Weber Kettle in the past or if you are looking for a charcoal grill with all the bell and whistles, then the Weber Performer Premium is the feature-rich version of the basic Weber Original Kettle Premium for you. The features that make this grill great are the included cart that give the grill an attached large working service, Weber's Gourmet BBQ Cooking System (perfect for adding a pizza stone to turn your Weber into a wood-fired pizza oven!), a charcoal storage bin, and a tuck-away lid holder to cradle the lid.

In short, the Weber Performer Premium 57cm Charcoal Grill is an all in one, ready to party right out of the box Weber charcoal grill. It’s great if you have space and do not want to add another work table to your outdoor area.

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