Which Weber Q is the right Q for you?

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Weber Q Range - Fat Legs' BBQChoosing the Right Q for You
The Weber Q Series is a line of compact, durable gas grills that are designed for portability, ease of use, and quick grilling. They offer many features that apartment dwellers or people who don’t cook outside that frequently will love and appreciate. All of the Weber Q models feature one-touch electric ignition switches, porcelain enamelled cooking hoods and cast-iron cooking grates, and feature one or two burners.

There are eight different versions of the Weber Q grill. All of these grills work great and beat the pants off of any other small gas grill you will find. However, of the eight Weber Qs available, there are only five that I recommend to my friends and customers: 

    Weber Q1200/1250/1400Weber Q 1200 - Fat Legs' BBQ
    If you want a portable gas grill then you are looking at the Weber Q 1200/1250/1400. The smallest of the Weber Q models, these grills are hard to beat when it comes to mixing quality with portability and storability.

    I find that the Weber Q 1000 series of grills are perfect for small families wanting to barbecue on the balcony, at the beach or the park. The grill surface is more than large enough for cooking hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken wings, steaks and veggies. Perfect for a quick small family meal on a weeknight or entertaining a dozen or so guests on the weekend with some Fat Legs’ chicken or handmade sausages.

    Weber Q 2200Weber Q 2200 - Fat Legs' BBQ

    I recommend the Weber Q 2200 for anyone who grills regularly, anywhere from 2-3 times a week, hosts regular gatherings on their balcony or are keen to use the grill to roast whole chickens and small joints - its a perfect supplement for Hong Kong apartments that do not come with an oven.

    Why do I like the Weber Q 2200? Grill area and flexibility. You can grill up a large number of wagyu burgers,  whole chickens or even a lamb shoulder. For nights that I do not have time to fire up a chimney of charcoal, the Weber Q 2200 steps up to the plate for a quick meal.

    Weber Q 3200Weber Q 3200 - Fat Legs' BBQ

    If I had a yard or large terrace, the Weber Q 3200 would be my go to grill. This grill is the big brother to all the Weber Q grills, the only grill in the range with a second burner, making it the best for large bone-in steaks, joints or even your Christmas turkey.

    You have the flexibility to do a simple meal for two or catering for 20 of your friends. With power to burn, 21,700 BTUs, you have the ability to char veggies, grill a whole fish all while ensuring you have the power to put a lovely crust on a dry aged steak.

    The Weber Q 3200 is great if you don’t quite have the room for a full-size grill, but still want the feel of a big gas barbecue. With its included folding side tables for storage in tight areas – it is a great solution for balconies or small yards.

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    Warranty on Weber Q Grills
    The manufacturer’s warranty on all of these grills is outstanding. The warranty on the cast aluminum body and Thermoset/Thermoplastic parts is 5 years, but does not include fading or discoloration. Warranties on all other parts are for 2 years, which is more than enough time to work out any defects that might be present.


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