Fat Legs' BBQ

Premium Junk Catering Menu - starting for 15 people

Regular price $5,700.00

This menu combines some of the classics of Thai street food with mouth-watering ribs and tender whole chickens. This Fat Legs’ BBQ junk package features a complete meal and is finished off with the best dessert you will have this junk season! Add-on additional appetisers and cases of Australian beer and wine to complete your junk catering needs.

  • Gai Yang - Grilled Whole Chicken
    Tender whole fresh chicken marinated in Thai herbs and spices served with spicy “Num Jim Jeaw” dipping sauce
  • Sii Korng Moo Yang - Thai-Style Baby Back Ribs
    Juicy baby back ribs marinated Thai style and chargrilled, served with spicy “Num Jim Jeaw” dipping sauce
  • Yum Tu Pu - Wing Bean Salad
    Crisp wing bean salad with tiger prawns and soft boiled duck eggs
  • Laarb Dok Galam - Grilled Cauliflower Salad (V)
    Charred cauliflower fresh off the grill, tossed with fresh mint, coriander and Thai herbs and spices
  • Khoa Pad Boo - Friend Rice with Crab
    Steamed jasmine rice, wok-fried with juicy crab, egg and spring onions
  • Thai Lamingtons
    Lamingtons soaked in lemongrass, ginger and Sangsom rum, coated in grated coconut flakes by Sugar Daddy and Sons

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